Titans Parting With Jeff Fisher


The Tennessee Titans are on the precipice of making a tremendous mistake.  If they were going to release Jeff Fisher why wait until now?  They allowed other head coaching candidates to sign with other teams which shrinks the pool that Bud Adams can draw from.  The butterfly affect from entering the coaching carousel at the end of the season could have landed them low key John Fox. We’re just a week removed from the team announcing that defensive coordinator Chuck Cecil won’t be back so we know this team won’t be promoting from within. 

To borrow from Dennis Miller; ” I don’t want to go off on a rant here”  …but how do you release the winningest coach in franchise history without a succession in place?  The man was there 17 years, had multiple playoff appearances and a Super Bowl berth amongst his 142 wins.  To bring in an ill prepared co-ordinator or afterthought retread coach isn’t fixing the solution, its adding to the problem.  Gone off the market is John Fox, Ron Rivera, Jim Harbaugh and several other hot coaching candidates that would have viewed Tennessee as a viable option.  This just sent a clear signal that the team is lacking direction. After watching the turmoil with ownership/management with a coach as respected as Fisher, many proven coaches would steer clear of this mess. Coach Fisher deserved to operate with autonomy with his track record.  To undercut him is saying the head coach doesn’t have final say.

That being the case, enter the Wade Phillips, Marty Schottenheimer’s that would be willing to coach with limited organizational power.  These would be the best moves available yet Phillips just took a job as a defensive co-ordinator in Houston.  Try calling Wade, I bet he and his agent are on the phone now trying to figure something out as you read this.  Don’t forget we’re also dealing with a region that was burned by Lane Kiffin and it may take some time for a bombastic coach to win over the fan base.  So what is going to be the draw for your season ticket holders with Vince Young gone also?

Be careful Bud Adams, this is really going to backfire without Young nor Fisher,  this is an entire rebuild and you’re going to have to have someone ready to coach a 1st round draft pick at QB.  If you go this route, you will totally increase the pounding that Chris Johnson is going to take and you can see the injuries mount up.  You need to bring back Vince Young, if he doesn’t play well then you can trade him. This isn’t the ideal time to hire in a coach that may not be ready, or you could possibly waste a draft pick and set the franchise back like that team that drafted Vince You…..uh …oh sorry.

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