Matt Flynn Should Become A Cleveland Brown


After yesterday’s record setting performance, Matt Flynn has definitely become an NFL hot commodity for this upcoming offseason. His 480 yard, 6 touchdown passing performance was one for the ages. One where it made you ask yourself midway through the game: Is it Aaron Rodgers or is it the system??

While others are left to ponder that question, the 20 teams that missed the 2011 playoffs are going too work. A natural fit for Matt Flynn would be Cleveland. The General Manger is none other than Mike Holmgren. The same man who led the Packers back to NFL prominence in the 90’s. Remember he did so by taking a pro quarterback from another team in Brett Favre.

Further reaches into the Green Bay Packer front office is head coach Pat Schurmer, who’s uncle was the late Fritz Schurmer. He was Holmgren’s defensive co-ordinator on the ’96 & ’97 Super Bowl teams. Right now the Browns are in desperate need of a quarterback and have come up snake eyes drafting Tim Couch, Colt McCoy and trying to anoint Kelly Holcumb since returning to the league in’99.

Don’t be surprised if the Browns lead the brigade of teams vying for Matt Flynn’s services. The Cleveland Browns have not stabilized themselves as a franchise, mainly due to quarterback ineptitude. Here is a chance to end that.

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