A Trip To New York In The Near Future


Just like last year, one of the nation’s college quarterbacks is starting to leave his contemporaries behind. Last week The Chancellor placed his first vote for the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award for Geno Smith of West Virginia. What does he do for an encore? A 4 touchdown performance on the road in a 48-45 win over Texas. Now this isn’t the first time the Mountaineers have shocked on a national stage.

Less than a decade ago, West Virginia rose to prominence when Miami, Virginia Tech, and Boston College, abandoned the Big East Conference only to have WVU revolutionize college football with their run first spread option play. Eight years later they jump to the Big 12 and now have college football’s #1 rated passer. Talk about coming full circle.

For the year Geno Smith has 24 touchdowns without an interception. With his team facing new competition in a new conference, you have to appreciate what you’re seeing. It would be different had he faced these teams in previous years and knew what to expect from his opponents. This puts him ahead of even Robert Griffin III’s performance last year in Big XII play. The question is can he keep up this blistering pace?? Well, considering the fact WVU dropped 70 on Baylor last week, you can’t bet against him. With the success of RGIII and Sam Bradford in the NFL, his stock is rising dramatically for next year’s draft.

Of course we’re getting ahead of ourselves here but when you look ahead to the four games against ranked teams, he faces Oklahoma and Kansas State at home. However, the trip to Stillwater and Oklahoma State looms large in the distance. If Smith continues his play and can go 3-1 against TCU and these teams, the Heisman is his. If WVU can go undefeated for the season beating 5 ranked opponents, they have a legitimate shot at the National Championship. Both of these eluded Pat White and that great Mountaineer team of nearly a decade ago.

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