The Soul of The Game: Remembering Joe Delaney

How much do you know of true heroes of the NFL and it’s past?? Not just those who exemplified excellence on the field but carried themselves in a noble way when they were off of it. One such hero would be turning 54 years old tomorrow (Oct. 30th) had he not made the ultimate sacrifice trying to save kids who couldn’t swim even though he couldn’t swim himself. His death set the Kansas City Chiefs franchise back a few years and his loss was felt around the NFL. It touched the lives of those in the Missouri area and stretched all the way to his hometown of Haughton, Louisiana. It also affected a kid growing up in Columbus, Ohio who couldn’t understand that type of sacrifice at the time and never forgot Joe Delaney for it. Gone but not forgotten. Happy Birthday Joe…

Taylor Blitz Times

On this date in 1983, the Kansas City Chiefs and the football world were shocked to hear Joe Delaney had died. He had been a lightning rod of excitement for two years as their featured back after being drafted out of Northwestern State. The Chiefs franchise had been down for the better part of a decade when Delaney burst onto the scene in 1981.

He ran for 1,121 yards on 234 carries with 3 TDs while winning AFC Rookie of the Year and Pro Bowl honors. He was the team’s lone legitimate star. He set the Chiefs all time rushing record of 196 yards against the Houston Oilers with Earl Campbell on the other sideline.

The strike shortened year of 1982 saw his numbers cut down significantly having only played 9 games. He was nicked with injuries and defenses were better prepared for him as he rushed for only 380…

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