The Immaculate Reception – A Football Life
Interestingly this is the first episode not to be centered around a player. Why not cover the greatest play in NFL history??

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The Immaculate Reception is football’s greatest mystery. Like the Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping and the Kennedy Assassination, it has puzzled Americans for decades. Who did Terry Bradshaw’s pass strike first – Jack Tatum or Frenchy Fuqua? Did Franco Harris catch the ricochet cleanly or did he trap the ball off the Tartan Turf? Should the play have been nullified by a clipping penalty? And who did the referee, Fred Swearingen, talk to on the Pirates dugout telephone before signaling touchdown?

Was the Reception “Immaculate”? Or was it, as the Oakland Raiders have alleged for years, an “Immaculate Deception”? For the past ten months, NFL Films has conducted an in-depth investigation the results of which will be unveiled inA Football Life:  The Immaculate Reception” on Wednesday, December 19th at 8 p.m. ET, only on NFL Network.

Researchers combed through all existing documentary evidence of the play – still photographs…

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