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Remember our article “What the Fuck Happened To You ESPN?”… take a look at this well chronicled article that illustrates one of the main problems I have with the network. Very nice piece…

Sports Righting

In today’s day and age, no matter what field you’re talking about, a business, the media, you name it, it’s all about production. That’s all that really counts. Are we putting forth our best product, pleasing customers, and ultimately accumulating dollars? That’s what it boils down to. However, at some point, there is a line in which businesses, in this case the media, can jeopardize the quality and sometimes credibility of the product- in an attempt to boost their ratings.

Recently, ESPN has had some eyebrow-raising instances on some of their shows, which have caused their fair share of controversy and conversation. This raises the question: is ESPN doing their job efficiently when these instances happen, or are they trying to boost their ratings by sparking debate even if it crosses the line at times?

Most notably, it was Rob Parker, a guest analyst occasionally on ESPN’s First Take- a…

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