With the recent trend having teams go with the pistol offenses to force 11 on 11 football, the game needs to be brought back into balance. Right now it’s nearly impossible for most teams to play defense. Think of being an NFL cornerback… You’re reading your receiver as he comes off the line of scrimmage. Is he coming to block me or is he running a route?? You come up to get a jam on him within the first five yards. As you turn to run with your man, in the corner of your eye you saw the beginning of the read option fake coming your way. It’s at this point do you peak your head around to check on the quarterback possibly coming your way or just pay attention to the receiver?? Remember if you look back you’re beyond five yards and can draw an illegal chuck or defensive holding call with a hand check. As the rules are now you’re in “no-man’s land”.

Stay with the receiver, a Colin Kaepernick, a Robert Griffin III, or a Russell Wilson runs for 20 yards to your side of the field. So we have to even the playing field some for the defense. The pendulum has swung way too great to the offensive side of the field. This was written after the 2011 year and are needed now more than ever.

Taylor Blitz Times

What a completely goofy NFL season we just watched.  We knew that teams were going to be thrown off after the lockout but the fallout was greater than we thought.  We knew folks were going to have record offensive seasons, but what we saw was beyond our original thoughts. Dan Marino’s all time passing record of 5,084 yards being bested by nearly 400?? Where only twice in history we saw individual 5,000 yard passers give way to a season where we had three?? The NFL saw it’s first ever season in 2011 where multiple quarterbacks threw for more than 40 touchdowns in the same season. Seriously??

After an NFL season where the league cracked down on helmet to helmet hits on the field, we saw records for passing yards from multiple teams. When you look up and see a Matthew Stafford become the third quarterback in the same season to…

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