About Jef Taylor: The Chancellor of Football

I am a life-long football fan and historian of the NFL. I started reading about the game from a very young age and can remember reading the old Punt, Pass, and Kick series on NFL players from the 1960 when I was in 1st grade.


Since then I have read hundreds of books, recorded thousands of hours of games and football shows for the better part of 4 decades now. Couple that with my life-long dream to play or coach and you’ll soon discover every nuance of the game I’ve studied and know every position. Those will come through when I expand my coaches corner to include formations and plays (many of which are personal design) that I’ll soon share.

With Kevin Greene after the Induction ceremony.

With Kevin Greene after the Induction ceremony.

The reason for this blog / website is simple. To cover pro football from the perspective of a historian. I want to house in one website, the history of the game along with what is going on in the NFL currently. Too often when you follow ESPN and NFL Network there is a bias toward the glamour franchise when covering teams and making references to their contributions historically. Here everyone will be showcased. I’ll also share conjecture on what is changing within the game but not for the sake of argument, they will be fact based to start discussions to popularize new notions. Whether we’re talking a former player who should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame or critiquing a team’s off-season moves.

Above all, this is a place where former players and coaches are applauded for their efforts and c


Sharing a laugh with Jerry Kramer at his PFHoF party in Canton

ontributions to the game. They’ll be covered in a dignified fashion that upholds what the game should mean to a future Jef Taylor who wants to learn about Pro Football.  Free to do so without the tabloid, off the field nonsense that permeates many websites and television shows. They will be covered with journalistic integrity and from a positive light. The comments section will be respectful and without rancor.

The Chancellor & Super Bowl LI Trophy at the Hall of Fame.

The Chancellor & Super Bowl LI Trophy at the Hall of Fame.

Everyone is celebrated for their effort not just the teams that win championships. So whether you’re a young Jef Taylor, a Mom who wants to learn a little football to share with her son or daughter, a father bantering with his son about a player from his youth being better than his son’s favorite player, or Grandpa who wants to share a story about players or teams from his youth, there is something here for everyone.


Chancellor with the Super Bowl I Trophy

This is a magazine where the Pro Football Hall of Fame merges with the contemporary NFL in one time and place. Complete articles with historic videos contained within. Some that haven’t been seen for over 30 years.

chancellor.bermanCome one, come all!! Bring your friends!! Sit down with your favorite beverage and lets talk some football.

Jef Taylor – The Chancellor of Football


Chancellor with the NFL’s All Time Leading Rusher Emmitt Smith

29 thoughts on “About Jef Taylor: The Chancellor of Football

  1. 1963 Bears best single season defense…..held Lombardi and Unitas to 20 total points in 4 games, YA to 10 in the championship, ( I take into account the low shot by Larry Morris), had to be the best, supporting an offense worse than 2000 Ravens and on par with 71 Colts.

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  2. hey, jef,

    in desperate need of mp4 video of the 1972 afc championship game dolphins @ steelers (and the divisional game browns @ dolphins, if possible) for a big time project i am working on. there was a copy of a edited version of both games floating around on youtube and other places, but they have scrupulously disappeared. i had a copy of both before they disappeared, but my PC burned up, then the following week, the 2,000 GB external hard drive i had everything backed up on died! please let me know if you can help.


  3. Hello Jef. You better continue doing what you do. Why you ask? You’re good at it Mr. Taylor. I enjoy reading about the game of football we both love and passionate about this particular sport. Keep up the good work brother; you at least has the reader and friend supporting you. <-)

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  4. Wow, Jeff. I won’t lie, it has been awhile since I looked at the page! Sorry for the slacking!! But I love the current layout!! Looks great!! Go Broncos!! -Barry

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  5. Hi Jef, just came across your site. Wow its incredible!! Absolutely love it. I really appreciate your historical perspective on the NFL which is so incredibly rare and undervalued now a days. What a blessing finding your site……….Don

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    • Glad you like!! Enjoy…. I always want to keep perspective and teach the past and present. No different than the kids with Barry Sanders and Billy Sims. LOL Just a bigger motif. There are 374 articles. Enjoy…I have even digitized some of my vids feom the 80s and 90s to enhance the stories


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