Peyton Manning pictured before Super Bowl XLIV

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  1. Derek Lofland / Here’s my thinking on those two prleyas. Nelson had only 68 receptions last year. The Packers spread the ball around with Jennings and Finley the preferred options in the offense. He had a ridiculous 18.6 yards per catch average and scored 15 touchdowns. He had never averaged more than 15.0 yards per catch prior to last year and I think he is going to score way less touchdowns this year. He took advantage of Finley having an off year and Jennings being injured at the end of the season. I see him with the same number of receptions, about 150 yards less receiving and about half those touchdowns. That would put him around 15th.As for Marshall, you complained about Johnson being light on touchdowns. Other than 2009, Marshall has not had 10 touchdown receptions in a season with his next highest being seven touchdowns. The last time Cutler and Marshall played together he had 104 receptions for 1,265 yards and six touchdowns. He was the 11th ranked fantasy receiver that season. Furthermore, he has never finished higher than ninth in his career. He’s not consistent and he plays with a quarterback that struggles with consistency. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did better than 13th, he’s a terrific talent and is playing with a quarterback that can throw the ball deep. I just like the work ethic or quarterback situations of the prleyas that I put above him.


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