Replacement Refs Need Replaced

The NFL tried it’s best to downplay the use of replacement officials in the regular season. The truth of the matter is they nearly blew several games today. In the Green Bay Packer/ San Francisco game, you had a clear illegal block in the back that should have negated a 75 yard punt return by Randall Cobb. It was a touchdown that nearly reversed the game and the official picked up the flag. Why?? Every camera angle clearly showed the hit in the back.

San Francisco held on for a 30-22 hard fought victory but that call put their control of the game in jeopardy. There were calls in that game that were downright awful. Clay Matthews III was called for an unsportsmanlike foul when he was in the midst of tackling Alex Smith. This is still football right?? Several pass interference penalties that were of the ticky tack variety. Granted the calls went against both teams so at least they could each complain.

In the Seattle Seahawks /Arizona Cardinals game we had a Chris Webber moment. Seattle is racing down to take the go ahead score yet didn’t have any timeouts left. With under :40 seconds to go and in the Cardinals redzone the Seahawks called for a timeout. Cardinal players started protesting immediately they didn’t have any. In the booth, the head of the officiating, Mike Preira stated the “damage is done” with the long stoppage to argue the case. The Cardinals were clearly cheated in this situation.  Thankfully the Cardinals stopped the Seahawks on the next three plays or all hell would have broken loose at the NFL offices.  When the score is 20-16 in the 4th quarter, officials have to understand the entire situation just like the players and coaches do. To possibly have your opponent get an extra opportunity to rest and regroup could have proven disastrous.

The regular officials should be celebrating tonight with the bad officiating everyone was making sport of. Even in the telecast of the Steelers v. Broncos, Cris Collinsworth chimed that Al Michaels had more officiating experience than the guys on the field. Yes NFL, it was that bad and the regular officials need to have a deal made before week 2. Now granted it may have been the first week and the officials may make fewer mistakes next week but why take the chance? What happens when one of these gaffes results in a team losing?? Its not fair to the players, coaches, or fans to have that occur. Get the real officials back before the game suffers…

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