Free Agency Day 2: Rashard Mendenhall Signs With Cardinals

Mendenhall is headed to the desert.

Mendenhall is headed to the desert.

Former Pittsburgh Steeler workhorse signs a one year deal with the Arizona Cardinals. A deal like that tells The Chancellor that Mendenhall’s agent didn’t find a lot of suitors for his services and is going to have an incentive laden contract. Coming off the heels of RB Beanie Wells release yesterday there should have been a little more commitment from the Cardinals.

Last year he had an assortment of injuries yet is just 2 seasons from a 928 yard rushing performance in 2011. The Steelers feel that his best years are behind him. He should easily be able to best the 357 yards rushing performance by Stephens-Howlings last year. That was their leading rusher?? Yes… it was. The departed Beanie Wells only gained 234 yards.

With the Cardinals unsettled at quarterback and fields one of the league’s best defenses, Mendenhall and the running back they select in the draft will have ample opportunity. Don’t forget that Mendenhall had back to back 1,000 yard seasons in 2010 and 2011. So it’s not a case of being able to do it. It’s a question of how much does this 6th year back have left.

Understand that this is a make it or break it season for Mendenhall & Cardinal Head Coach Ken Wisenhunt. Their mission, should they choose to accept it, is be competitive in the NFC West over the improving Rams, NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers, and tooling for a Super Bowl trip Seattle Seahawks. Good luck gentlemen.

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One thought on “Free Agency Day 2: Rashard Mendenhall Signs With Cardinals

  1. That just crushes any fantasy value Ryan Williams had. Behind a terrible OL and with crappy QBs in front, we would not recoomend touching either of these guys in fantasy drafts. The situation is fluid, and if Mendenhall gains a stranglehold on an every down role, then he will have some value, and Arians favors feature backs over platoons, but if they rotate then neither of these guys is worth drafting.


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