2013 NFC East Predictions

We’re at that time where we need to get the NFL regular season underway. The draft picks are in and we’ve seen how coaches want to implement them. We’ve watched Chip Kelly introduce his offense in Philadelphia and the new 4-3 in Dallas. So how will those teams fare when the ball is kicked off in a few hours?

Home of the New York Giants and site of Super Bowl XLVIII

Home of the New York Giants and site of Super Bowl XLVIII

2013 NFC East Predictions

1. New York Giants  10-6 #

2. Washington Redskins 9-7

3. Dallas Cowboys 7-9

4. Philadelphia Eagles 5-11


The lingering issue for Taylor Blitz Times is how will RGIII hold up once the hitting starts?? You can only protect him for so long and Coach Shanahan did the right thing keeping him out of meaningless action. The Redskins will benefit having Orakpo back but will have deficient play from their secondary.

Again as we look at the landscape of the NFC East there are many flawed teams but the Giants will be the best in this division. Once they signed Victor Cruz and insured Manning will have his top targets, that gave them the edge. Truth be told, they have been middle of the road defensively and get by on a strong pass rush and effective schemes with their secondary. Last year too many injuries derailed them and one of the pushes for this team is the Super Bowl will be in their home stadium. Watch Eli and New York…

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