The Beta Quarterback

Then you have Tony Romo. Sigh…. Do you realize he was on the cusp of NFL history?? Had he driven the Cowboys to the Bronco 32 yard line on that last drive, he would have broken Norm Van Brocklin’s 554 yards passing record that has stood for 7 decades!! Is it unfair to judge him as a “choke artist” as many fans have come to think of him as?? At what point does the Dallas Cowboy defense need to come up and make a play?? Yet the truth of the matter is Romo threw the critical interception at the critical time. It will be his history no matter what he has or will accomplish. The path of the Beta quarterback.

Taylor Blitz Times

When you look at life from a psychological standpoint, you have leaders and you have followers. Well in the Taylor Blitz Times lexicon of NFL football describing the quarterback position, you have the alpha and the beta. The alpha infuses confidence in his football team through his leadership and play. His teammates are inspired through his verve, spirit, and fight which in turn raises their level of play to meet his.  You can see the confidence in their eyes when the game is tight. This is what every coach wants and covets each year in the NFL draft. He doesn’t shrink when games are on the line or when the team is up against a superior opponent.

Then you have the beta quarterback that many teams seem to be afflicted with. He comes through with the physical gifts that scouts and coaches can see where he can improve, and can…

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