1990’s Buffalo Bills – The Rasputins of The NFL

When you think back to the Buffalo Bills team that made it to 4 straight Super Bowls, there are two schools of thought. You have one from the ignorant callous fan that says “Well they lost 4 straight Super Bowls.”  Then you have a more respectful set of players and fans that marvel at the feat of making it to four straight.

Andre Reed embracing Jim Kelly after hiss induction speech.

Andre Reed embracing Jim Kelly after his induction speech.

There was a point right before Super Bowl XXVIII when the media started to change their attitude toward the Buffalo Bills. After the win over Joe Montana’s Kansas City Chiefs in the ’93 AFC Championship, the country lamented over the Bills going to a fourth straight Super Bowl. When all of a sudden one of the networks had Stephen Hawking on and asked him a question: With the current landscape of 28 teams how long would it be before we would see another team make it to 4 straight Super Bowls?? Hawking sat quietly for a second and then pronounced “With the current landscape of teams it would take another 46 years.” Or if you’re counting at home it would happen in the year 2039.

The Buffalo Bills clowning around on Super Bowl picture day before XXV.

The Buffalo Bills clowning around on Super Bowl picture day before XXV.

Well the NFL now has 32 so it may not happen again in our lifetimes thanks to new mathematical algorithms. On Saturday WR Andre Reed became the 6th member of the early 90’s Bills to make the Pro Football Hall of Fame, it’s time to take a look back at one of the unique teams in NFL history and The Chancellor of Football’s favorite football team.

When did the thought of Buffalo making it to the Super Bowl have genesis?? Try week 1 of 1986 when Jim Kelly debuted after coming over from the USFL:

Reed joins fellow WR James Lofton, RB Thurman Thomas, the late Ralph Wilson former owner and founder, Head Coach Marv Levy, and QB Jim Kelly in Canton. It was this team’s closeness that was on full display as Reed was inducted. Kelly, who has been battling cancer, was determined to attend the ceremony and threw Reed one final pass that brought on the loudest cheer of the evening.

Kelly and Reed before taking the field in 1990.

Kelly and Reed before taking the field for the 1990 AFC Championship Game.

The amazing thing is how far this group had grown as men. Most people don’t realize or remember this team was known as the “Bickering Bills” during the 1989 campaign. Infighting almost derailed a season as they went 9-7 after a 12-4 campaign the year before marked them as a team on the rise. They would go on to become the NFL’s most galvanized team as the new decade took shape.

The 1990 Buffalo Bills were the first team to lose the NFL Championship or Super Bowl by a single point…20-19. Talk about being tantalizingly close. Most experts and pundits believed they would be dominant in 1991 as they went 13-3 with homefield advantage again. Thurman Thomas was league MVP and Bruce Smith was coming back from injury as the 1991 playoffs beckoned.

Back to back Super Bowl losses had many fans and pundits writing off the Bills. How would they recover?? Yet all these players were in their prime and led by unsung leaders like LB Darryl Talley, they dusted themselves off and came right back in 1992. During this season they were 4-0 against the NFC west including a 38-35 win in San Francisco vs. the 49ers who went 13-3. Good enough for homefield advantage in the NFC. Going into the final week of the season the Bills were ready to clinch homefield in the AFC when:

Once the most dominant team in the AFC, several teams had caught up to the Bills and the K-Gun offense. The 1993season brought on the first season of free agency as the Bills roster started to be plucked over. Gone were LBs Shane Conlan and Carlton Bailey. LT Will Wolford signed with the Indianpolis Colts. How much longer could they jeep their core players intact??

Other AFC teams bolstered their offensive units as QB Joe Montana and Marcus Allen joined the Kansas City Chiefs. The Dolphins started to acquire talent around Dan Marino as they brought in free agents Keith Byars and Mark Ingram. The Raiders pulled a coup and brought in Jeff Hostetler to quarterback the Raiders back to the playoffs.

The Houston Oilers resurrected Buddy Ryan and his 46 defense to conquer the AFC. They signed LB Wilber Marshall to help fortify an already talented defense. After all it was the defensive collapse in the 41-38 loss to the Bills in the ’92 playoffs that propelled Ryan’s hire in the first place. All of these teams wanted a shot at the aging Bills.

feba153a3db76a441512fc3dd472d8e5The 1993 team fought it’s way to another 12-4 record although the games were much closer. Was this still the AFC’s best team?? They seemed to be just a step ahead of the competition within the conference instead of leaps and bounds as they had been in 1990 or 1991.

The offense evolved into Kelly engineering more of a controlled passing game as TE Pete Metzellars led the team in receiving. Where in previous years the team really stretched the field with James Lofton and Andre Reed. Lofton retired after ’92 and the Bills brought in possession receiver Bill Brooks. Thurman Thomas was still in his prime but defenses ganged up on the run now that the Bills couldn’t stretch the field. The result?? Thurman did rush for 1,315 yards but a career low 3.7 yard average.

With the wear and tear of 10 additional postseason games over the previous 3 seasons, would they have enough in the tank to make it to that 4th Super Bowl?? That became the prevailing question. After a 29-23 come from behind win against the LA Raiders in sub zero weather in the divisional playoffs, here came Joe Montana, Marcus Allen and the Kansas City Chiefs. The AFC Championship at stake.

As we’re winding down the football life of these Buffalo Bill teams of the early 90’s, we get to really appreciate it several decades later. The outside world caught a glimpse into the closeness of this team. It was on full display as you watched last weeks induction ceremony. It was felt with conviction when Reed declared “The Bills will stay in Buffalo!”

There is nothing like being a Buffalo Bills fan. The excitement leading up to each of those Super Bowls were tempered as you came down after each loss. Then six month later we had to endure the fall of OJ Simpson, the greatest player in the history of the franchise. Bills players and fans had to endure that purgatory together and it could be the genesis of all this closeness. No one else could share in the pure elation after the greatest comeback in NFL history either. That entire January in 1993 was special.

The entire AFC had been caught in a vice as they had to deal with the 1st prolific passing offense to hail from a cold climate. The Bills were undefeated in Rich Stadium in the playoffs until 1996. They were 7-0 during these four years.

We watched as they endured the advent of true free agency and kept on winning. Public scorn or ridicule as the Super Bowl losses began to mount. Teams even tried to resurrect dead legends in Joe Montana, Buddy Ryan, Keith Jackson, and Marcus Allen to knock us off…yet the Bills kept marching.

Bruce Smith, Andre Reed, and Thurman Thomas as they visited Jim Kelly at the start of his battle with cancer.

Bruce Smith, Andre Reed, and Thurman Thomas as they visited Jim Kelly at the start of his battle with cancer.

To be a Bills fan and rally around the exploits of these players was easy. The ability to dust themselves off and march right back to the Super Bowl year after year taught a lesson in perseverance. Twenty five years ago they were known as “The Bickering Bills” and now they have matured into a close group rallying around Jim Kelly with his cancer battle. Its even easier to rally around them as men. Now each have taken their place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame which comes with a big ring.


Met Thurman Thomas at the post enshrinement party for Kevin Greene at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Prayers from The Chancellor of Football are with you Jim Kelly. As a Miami Hurricane and Buffalo Bill fan…big time prayers. Get well!

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The Chancellor at Rich Stadium for Bills v Cowboys in Sept. 1996.

“Lets Go Buffalo” I had to shout it once at the Jerry Kramer party at The Hall in 2018 when I ran into James Lofton

4 thoughts on “1990’s Buffalo Bills – The Rasputins of The NFL

  1. I don’t care how softer the rest of the AFC may, or may not, have been during those four years. Losing a Super Bowl in a heart-breaker (SBXXV) is tough enough to get up off the mat and go straight back to the following year! But then after getting annihilated (to Washington) and then get back up off the mat to do it again, and again get beaten handily…should be demoralized by now, right? No! They finish top-seed in the conference at 12-4, then go straight back yet AGAIN to represent the AFC for a fourth year in-a-ROW!

    Players on a team not making the Hall of Fame, fair or not, because of losing one particular Super Bowl, or so, is one thing. An example, of course, being SBXIII – those Cowboys simply not in because (and the same would still apply to plenty of Steeler players had they themselves lost that very event). But any HOF-caliber member of that Bills team still not in Canton needs to now get in ASAP! Should not be “penalized” at all! No “points” are given for moral victories but this should be the exception – they should be “treated” like a championship team!

    Like Bud Grant vs those ’70s powerhouses, Dolphins/Steelers/Raiders, those Bills could not have faced tougher competition themselves! For starters, Parcells Giants whom they came oh-so-close to beating! Next up, Gibbs’ 14-2 (may as well say 15-1) Juggernaut, and then twice against Jimmy’s young and insanely fast, talented, and upstart swagger-some bunch! A testimony to Marv Levy’s coaching to keep them so RESILIENT those three-straight years following that notorious wide-right on 1/27/91!

    All that said, I wonder what would have happened had the Super Bowl been just ONE WEEK, instead of the traditional two, after the conference championships in ’92. At the time, I was thinking that maybe the reason why Super Bowls in-general were blowouts was maybe because of that two-week wait. I thought with too many distractions, too much time to “think” about things, etc. And for Buffalo, it had to be tough to have to hear the press ask about that ellusive Lombardi Trophy over and over. Perhaps the two-weeks was a perfect formula for the eventual winner to play their very best and loose, and for the eventual loser to play their absolute worst/uptight. Apparently that really wasn’t the case considering that for the past quarter century now, the Super Bowl (still a 2-week layoff) has generally been a good game.

    But back to the hypothetical had SBXXVII been just one week following the conference championships, the Bills could not have gone into this Super Bowl with more staggering momentum! After being down, 35-3, in that 1st-Rd to Houston, they’d – from there until the SB – outscore their AFC playoff opponents by a COMBINED…(get ready)…91-16!!! And those final two triumphs were on the road! Like a runaway FREIGHT TRAIN, they were!!! And standing in their way were young, baby-faced first-timers (okay, not Charles Haley) whom, admittedly (or at least Irving and Emmitt said so), were “nervous” and “jittery” going in. I know its no “excuse” for losing nor losing by as much as they did, but a just one-week layoff makes it an interesting hypothetical to ponder.

    Teams have a hard enough time getting back to the Super Bowl the following year, win-or-lose! So THIS Bills team…yeah, something Special! Come 2039, there will STILL not be another team having won four-straight conference titles! That very HUNGER to win a Lombardi is what fueled that insane RESILIENCY that made them keep coming back again-and-again-and-again!

    Who knows how things would have actually turned out had it NOT sailed wide-right! But my personal guess is that, though remaining competitive those next few years, the Bills never go back to the Super Bowl. Like da Bears those following years after ’85. Someone who I just recently worked with who is a Bills-fan also agrees. No, not a lack-of-effort nor drive on their part, but being that they already WON it, the drive for another would still be there, but simply not quite the same. Likely-enough there may have been some free-agent/hold-out “drama” in the off-season. Or simply a “hangover” that typically takes place with defending-Champs; especially first-timers. Or maybe they still DO keep going back! But maybe they then face what Paul Browns’ 1950 Browns faced the following three years! Sorry, but that Gibbs and both those Jimmy J Cowboy teams WAY too tough! All three even better than that ’90 Giants team!

    But who really knows? Just the same, in this here “real”-time, one should simply eternally RESPECT those Marv Levy Bills teams! Always “TREAT” them like a championship team! And get ALL remaining candidates into Canton!


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  3. Great article my brother its about time you get back to writing lol I hope your doing good brother keep grinding away On Aug 7, 2014 8:09 AM, “Taylor Blitz Times” wrote: > > The Chancellor of Football posted: “When you think back to the Buffalo Bills team that made it to 4 straight Super Bowls, there are two schools of thought. You have one from the ignorant callous fan that says “Well they lost 4 straight Super Bowls.” Then you have a more respectful set of p” >

    Liked by 1 person

  4. FOUR Super Bowls in row! Like the Celtics and UCLA dynasties I just don’t think it’s possible in these times. However, if that team played under the current rules (non-contact) they may have had another year or two in tank. Hell, Lofton would have probably played another year! Many teams have won and will win Super Bowls, but only ONE went back to back to back to back!

    Liked by 1 person

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