Why Mike Singletary Should Be the Next Coach of the Chicago Bears

Last night as we watched the Bears struggle on offense you knew the sand was out of the hourglass when it comes to Coach Mike Nagy. His offense has been beyond anemic. Right now Colin Cowherd is waxing philosophical about analytics and how an offensive minded coach is what the Bears need. To move away from the defensive identity Chicago has long been recognized for. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there are multiple ways to win in the NFL.

Nevermind these armchair types that didn’t play positions that are the soul of football. Spouting b.s. about analytics, QBR and were the type that took their ball and went home when you hit them too hard as kids.

Cant stand sportswriters like that

Wasn’t Mike Nagy brought in with his huge play sheet with 748 plays where only 6 have proved to work?? I thought Mike Martz who was the offensive minded coach who was the architect of The Greatest Show on Turf was going to bring the Bears into the modern age?? Even going back to 1999 Dick Jauron was hired and brought in BYU offensive guru Gary Crowton and the Bears struggled.

Jauron saved his job when he moved away from Crowton’s mistake prone offense and the 3 headed QB of Cade McNown, Shawn Matthews and Jim Miller and moved to a balanced run first offense and made it deep into the playoffs in 2001. So all the calling for the latest sleek passing offense hasn’t proved fruitful in the winds whipping off Lake Michigan into Solider Field. For decades… 

There is still a fire and brimstone defense in Chicago and a balanced approach would best serve this team. Enter Mike Singletary. 

Singletary has already cut his teeth when he was the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. People forget it was Singletary that built the 9ers into the team Harbaugh took to Super Bowl XLVII after 2012. He didnt get the chance to complete his mission as the team was building and he was growing as a coach.  

As a leader he would be able to reach young players as he was able to reach Patrick Willis, Novorro Bowman and Ray Lewis.

How?? He’s been there as a player and as a coach. He also would be entering his 2nd tenure where many coaches like Dick Vermeil, Pete Carroll and Bruce Arians achieved their greatest successes.

Since his tenure as head coach in San Francisco he has stayed in the craft coaching collegians at the Hula Bowl and within the LA Ram and Viking organizations as well. Continually working toward this 2nd opportunity. 

Of course there are two elephants in the room when it comes to the plight of black coaches and the ageism that has afflicted Head Coach hirings in the last few years. National media has beat this drum of teams looking for the next Sean McVay but let the Chancellor of Football remind you…

I mentioned Mike Singletary to coach the Bears and some think he is too old or the game passed him by. I do rememeber a 63 year old Dick Vermeil having that said about him. The game had changed blah…blah….zzzzzz…. Well 3 years later 12 NFL records fell as his Greatest Show on Turf Rams stormed to Super Bowl XXXIV. They also said that about Pete Carroll (wasn’t he in his 60’s) leaving USC and that was after being fired by the Patriots and Jets. Three years later he had an insurmountable lead over Denver in Super Bowl XLVIII.
Experience mixed with youth in the coaching ranks and veteran players is one of the mixes that works. Otherwise a very old (nearly 70) Bill Belichick and his experience wouldn’t have embarrassed young Sean McVay in Super Bowl LIII just 3 years ago. 
Experience? Belichick knew to go to the I and power it down the throat of a defense not conditioned to take on the run.
The same type of experience, leadership, and player credibility Singletary would bring to a franchise that has been lacking in each of these areas. As a black former player and coach there is so much to be gained by this organization in bringing in one of their own. Just as they had Mike Ditka back in 1982. Singletary is a Chicago Bear and one who can restore stability to an organization that desperately needs it. 
Bring Mike Singletary in as head coach. The Bears and the NFL need this. 
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One thought on “Why Mike Singletary Should Be the Next Coach of the Chicago Bears

  1. Aren’t the Bears still mathematically alive for a playoff spot? That’s the real story of 2021 – like 27 of 32 still in the running for 14 slots with 3 games to go. Very fishy goings on.


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