NFL Playoffs & Historically Bad Calls Take Two

Did you know the terrible call on Bengals LB Wilson #55 happened at the same time as the non pass interference call the Rams benefitted from in the 2019 NFC Championship Game? Remember when Robey-Colvin hit the Saints Wilson with 1:45 to go?? Well This one gift wrapped Super Bowl LVI for the Rams also with 1:45 to go. Terrible finish and now that gambling is legall and endorsed by the NFL we are entering a strange era. These horrendous calls will come under a microscope.

Taylor Blitz Times

During each postseason every football fan dreads a moment where the game is decided by the referees and not the players on the field. We think back to “The Tuck Rule”, Mike Renfro’s catch/non catch in the ’79 AFC Championship, or Bert Emanuel’s catch/non catch in the NFC Championship. Yet yesterday for the 1st time since Referee Jim Tunney made the call after Renfro’s catch had a nationally televised audience yelling in anguish at a moment instant replay could have corrected.

Sean Payton dispairs over one of the most egregious non calls in NFL history.

Football coaches and players at all levels will tell you “The eye in the sky doesn’t lie” meaning the truth is always caught on film. It’s there for teams to study film against an opponent or the camera can catch what has been missed by the naked eye of an out of place referee. On…

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3 thoughts on “NFL Playoffs & Historically Bad Calls Take Two

  1. This has been going on in the NFL for as long as I can remember without resolution. And will continue. It goes back to the league’s roots. Just about all of the orginal owners had connections to gambling/organized crime. Through the years countless owners had ties to crime syndicates. Has no bearing whether gambling is legalized or not. At the end of the day the NFL is an entertainment entity and nothing more or less.


  2. Man you hit the nail on the head… legalized gambling is beneficial to the two entities, the NFL and the whales in Vegas … they will “always” make the wrong call on purpose to benefit the oddsmakers… think about it… 2nd year a home team plays in SB and 2nd biggest media market … they would never allow a smaller market team to win a chip. Think of the 2002 WCF with the Kings and Lakers… the NBA would not allow a small “cow town” like Sacramento to hoist the O’Brien hardware. The camera does NOT lie but unfortunately, the refs will and so will that crook GOODELL.


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