Answer To Cam Newton’s Comment on His Hair Keeping Him From An NFL Job

I hate listening to people take shots at Cam Newton. Of course everyone has an opinion but to do so with rancor has become a disturbing trend by fans over the last few years. Lets dissect form a football perspective…
Truth of the matter is he depended on throwing low trajectory balls…drilling it between zoned defenders. He never accurately threw the array of touch passes to get over linebackers and under the over coverage enough to “throw receivers open”.
He was always in “The Pistol” and could have benefitted from learning a series of “West Coast” style plays…steps with route combination timing. Would have benefitted greatly to his maturation in how he could play today with not as strong an arm. He would still be at a starter level had that been honed in and taught.
Go back and look at his interceptions even when he was playing great… defenders would undercut his throws. You can’t gun the ball in on every play. This is the number one reason he hasnt evolved like Randall Cunningham once he got older. 1989 Randall was way different then 1998 Randall leading the 15-1 Vikings to an NFL record 556 points.
This is the true “X’s” & “O’s” reason Cam is no longer a starter