The 2022 Taylor Blitz Times Defensive Player of the Year: Haason Reddick

Eagles linebacker Haason Reddick ended the 49ers hopes knocking Purdy out of the game on the 2nd play.

When it comes to realizing your full potential in the NFL, the most important aspect is having coaches who can draw the best out of you. This year’s recipient is on his 3rd team in 3 years. It started with the dysfunctional coaching staff in Arizona trying without fail to have Reddick drop back into coverage. Only once the Cardinals realized he was a better player rushing the quarterback he flashed for 12.5 sacks yet he soured on his time out here and left for greener pastures.

After a season honing his skill in Carolina, Reddick was the terror down the stretch that turned a good Eagles defense into a great one. Not only was he tied for 2nd in QB sacks with 16 it was the force he brought when he arrived that was the difference.

Nick Bosa – 18.5 sacks 2 FF 48 pressures 1 pass defends

Reddick – 16 sacks 5FF 3 recoveries 26 pressures 3 pass defends

He was one of a lethal pack of Eagles who became the 1st in history with 4 players with more than 11 sacks and where he wasn’t making the play his teammates were. Where the Eagles were #2 to the 49ers in defensive ranking it was by less than a yard (300.59 -301.47) and registered 70 sacks. The most sacks since the 89 Vikings with 71 and 25 more than 2nd place Kansas City. Hasson was the catalyst.

Reddick came screaming down the stretch with 6 of his sacks in the final 4 games. Two of these were losses as the Eagles tried desperately to hold on to homefield advantage waiting for Jalen Hurts to get back from injury. He was named NFC Defensive Player of the Month in December for his efforts and came when Philadelphia needed him most.

He started off this run terrorizing Bears QB Justin Fields, sacking him twice, forcing & recovering a fumble. He spent all afternoon making these plays in a 25-20 win. This was the difference between keeping homefield or dropping possibly to the 3 seed.

He has the athleticism to track down the most athletic of QBs like Fields or too much for TEs or Tackles who turn out on him. The NFC Championship when the nation was riding the “Rudy” story of Brock Purdy, came to a screeching halt two plays in. His sack and forced fumble ended the competitive phase of the game.

Then he took out 49er backup Josh Johnson and the Eagles knew they were headed to the desert to see The Chancellor of Football and play Super Bowl LVII. Two sacks and knocked out two quarterbacks in a championship game?? He completely wreaked havoc! That is how you put the exclamation mark on becoming 2022’s Taylor Blitz Defensive Player of the Year.

Congratulations and good luck in Super Bowl LVII