The Ghost of Vince Lombardi

Super Bowl II Ring

The rich football history of the Green Bay Packers has been well chronicled. Yet there is an untold story that has been kept from the masses of NFL fans. Unlike the NBA, winning 3 NFL championships in a row has proven to be nearly impossible.  Is it the sheer breadth of winning in a sport where injuries are super prevalent, or is there something else more mystical?? Would you believe there is an ornery angel overseeing that no one equals Green Bay’s feat of winning 3 straight??  Its nearly happened on 5 different occasions yet this ghost isn’t above practical jokes or assisting with funny bounces of the ball to give another team angst when the goal is in sight. Here is a story the NFL, NFL Films, ESPN, nor NFL Network will tell you.  *DISCLAIMER*  Some of what you see may not be suitable for non Packer’s fans. Take a look


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