William Perry’s ring could fit others like a watch.

Quite simply the best team in NFL history. No football team played so powerfully against their strongest competition.  In their march through the ’85 playoffs they didn’t give up a point until the Super Bowl. Back to back shutouts in the playoffs? Should have been 3 in a row but an early Payton fumble gave the Patriots the ball at the Chicago 19. Then the Bears ran off 44 straight points and once the defensive starters came out of the game was when the Patriots drove into scoring range. They starters came out to protect against the endzone but they couldn’t hold off the Patriots those final 20 yards when Irving Fryar scored to make it 44-10.  Yet by this time they were no longer being compared to other 1985 performances, they were being compared to some of the best teams in NFL history.  Here is my case on why I think they are the strongest team in NFL history. Care to debate? Bring your “A” game to this argument…

SUPER BOWL XX CHAMPIONS 1985 CHICAGO BEARS <————————–CLICK LINK (Word 2007 document)

*from an upcoming book on Championship Teams and their rings

Walter Payton’s Super Bowl XX ring

One thought on “SUPER BOWL XX CHAMPIONS 1985 CHICAGO BEARS: The Best In NFL History

  1. Hell yes!! They had a killers mentatlity that was unleashed by two fiery coaches in Ditka and Buddy Ryan. Alas, off season distractions, Wilbur Marshall’s departure along w Buddy Ryan leaving for a deserved Head coaching gig, doomed the talk of ‘Dynasty’. But for one year they were the BEST team EVER!


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