NFL Picks Week 3:

The NFL has had a turbulent first two weeks. Teams like the Kansas City Chiefs, who were supposed to be an elite team, have slid off the map where the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions look like they want to end their decade long playoff drought. Are they for real?? Is Michael Vick going to play Monday Night? The NFL will answer those questions on the field of play which makes this game great. So lets take a look at a few of these matchups. The Buffalo Bills are 2-0 and have a showdown with the Patriots to see if they’re for real?? Perfect! You wouldn’t want it any other way.

What about the Chicago Bears who get to face their hated rival in the Green Bay Packers?? Last time they faced each other, the Packers danced off their field with the George S. Halas trophy. Do you think Bears fans forgot?? Soldier Field may get a little rowdy today when the Packers run onto the field today.

Man, how far will the Colts slide without Peyton Manning?? This is an easy answer…see the ’99 San Francisco 49ers when they lost Steve Young. They were 3-1 with him and went 1-11 without him. Peyton won’t come back and play meaningless football so if they lose a few more he’ll be shelved for the season and placed on IR. With that cap relief they can go sign a few players to help them win but if you’re a Colts fan, the era of football excellence is over.

So lets get into these games….

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Carolina Panthers: Seriously has there been a fervor over a rookie quarterback like this in modern NFL history?? Not that we can remember. Even in 1983 when Dan Marino came in and led the Dolphins to the playoffs, it was the late David Woodley who started the first 6 games. Here we are looking to see if Cam can go 3 for 3 to start his career with 400 yard passing games?? Goodness. Carolina gets their first win in front of a packed house.

Miami Dolphins @ Cleveland Browns: “Thank God” proclaim the defensive backfield of the Miami Dolphins who have been passed to death in these first two games. They are the reason the Dolphins are dead last in total defense in the NFL. Now we find out if the front seven can tackle or rather how long they will want to tackle taking on Peyton Hillis. The Browns are developing Colt McCoy slowly and want to pound the ground game at them. Like the Browns in this one, especially after last week’s win in Indy. The Dolphins won’t want to tackle —-> (that guy) in the 4th quarter.

Denver Broncos @ Tennessee Titans: The Titans woke up a few people with last week’s win, yet we should have known Mike Munchak would put it on the boys after a lackluster performance against the lowly Jags. This week the “start Tebow” chant is wrested from the ears of beleaguered Bronco Coach John Fox. This could be music to his ears. He needs to lose this game and then insert Tebow in the next week or so. The Titans are better with Hasselbeck than advertised. He’s completing nearly 70% of his passes and pretty soon they will start taking advantage of things with Chris Johnson on teams. Taking the Titans at home.

New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles: For some reason, we just can’t put our finger on what is wrong with the New York Giants, they are just schizophrenic. In reality they were just a more complete team than the Rams they beat last week without Stephen Jackson. The Giants want to be a diverse team and put the ball in Eli Manning’s hands but throwing at Asante Samuel and Namedi today would be the wrong recipe. The Giants will run it but won’t be patient enough They want revenge against the Eagles for knocking them out of last year’s playoffs but the Eagles are a more complete team. Even with a gimpy Vick….Eagles

San Francisco 49ers @Cincinnati Bengals: Alright a rematch of Super Bowl XXIII with Joe Monta….huh?? Alright we almost got carried away. The 49ers lost a spirited game to the Cowboys and are facing a mirror image in the Bengals in terms of trying to find out who they are. Each are 1-1 and have a new team personality. Niners under Coach Harbaugh and Bengals with Carson Palmer and Ocho gone. Still unsure if Andy Dalton is playing or not for Cincy, yet just not sold on Alex Smith on the road. Not at all. The Bengals are running the ball better and are home..that reason alone. Cedric Benson is running hard with over 180 yards in the first two games. Bengals


Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings: Vikings have been feeding the ball to Peterson but will Donovan McNabb start completing some passes to back the Lions front seven from becoming a front eight. With the way the Lions have played on both sides of the ball. Right now the Lions are feeling it and trying to see how good they can be. That much motivation with bonafide talent and the Lions keep rolling

New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills: This is the game of the week. Are the Bills for real? Can anyone score to keep up with Tom Brady?? Well if you have been reading we gave you a prelude when we told you that both Buffalo’s Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brady have each thrown for 7TDs and only 1 interception. The NFL’s leading rushing team is Buffalo and the 31st defense in the NFL belongs to the Patriots. The Bills Fred Jackson is the NFL’s leading rusher after two weeks. Is Belichick a genius?? Yes but he doesn’t have Rodney Harrison or Tedi Bruschi in there to stop the run. In a heated game we have Buffalo

Houston Texans @ New Orleans Saints: The Texans have been a good developing team and are going to the playoffs this year but they will struggle in this one on the road. Call it growing pains but Drew Brees and the Saints offense wins this one.

New York Jets @ Oakland Raiders: This game is going to be close. Can Jason Campbell complete passes against the blitz. We know the Jets will focus on stopping Darren McFadden, the NFL’s second leading rusher. Will Campbell step up and complete passes in the face of the blitz like last week in Buffalo or revert to throwing off his back foot in previous years??  Tentative pick in the Jets

Have to speed through the rest of the games…so we’re going to fire this up

Baltimore Ravens @ St Louis Rams: Will the real Ravens stand up? We think they will but they’re secondary is going to be tested severly. Tentative pick in the Ravens

Kansas City Chiefs @ San Diego Chargers: Now the Chargers play up and down to their competition but they can’t play that down. LOL Have to take the Chargers. Phillip Rivers and this team need this game as a growing experience and put the wood to a down division rival.

Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears: Alright this will be an interesting visit to Soldier Field. The Bears will be sick to their stomach and have lived with that loss. This is going to be a blood bath but we see the Packers winning a close game. Aaron Rodgers throw the ball away because Peppers will be coming!

Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks: Kevin Kolb and Larry Fitzgerald will star in this one. Cardinals

Atlanta Falcons @ Tampa Bay Bucs: This is a reprise of the hardest hittting game of last year. It was a thing of beauty. It was 1960s hitting football with personal fouls, fights, moxie. The Falcons are on a short week and this is where the Bucs are going to gauge if they have stepped up into the elite after last week’s win in Minnesota. Going Bucs in this one…

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Indianapolis Colts: Its actually sad to watch this proud franchise founder without Peyton Manning at the helm. We have been critical of Manning getting a pass by the sporting press but never forget we’re fans of football and want to see him on the field. The Steelers just because there isn’t a contingency plan for a team to lose a Hall of Fame quarterback…there just isn’t. Steelers

Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys: Tony Romo is still recovering from a punctured lung and broken rib. Yikes!! The Redskins are coming in with 7 sacks in two games. They will hit Romo and knock him out of this one. They don’t have a strong enough running attack to keep the Redskins off the field. Redskins

Those are our picks and we’re sticking to them…no matter how crazy they are. See ya’ next week folks!!

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