NFC Divisional Playoff: Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons

Marshawn Lynch is the key to Seattle playing well today.

Marshawn Lynch is the key to Seattle playing well today.

The NFL playoffs this year have provided some great theater and with last night’s performance by the 49ers, one team went to bed with the knowledge they have beaten that opponent, making Super Bowl aspirations more real. If you thought the Seattle Seahawks were brimming with confidence heading into this playoff tilt in Atlanta, now they have to guard against looking past Matt Ryan and crew.

The one thing the Falcons have done is gone 7-2 in games decided by 7 points or less. This Achille’s heal could come back and haunt Atlanta if they play too close to the vest with the Seahawks today. The one thing the Falcons have not been accused of, is being a physical ball club.  They have to dominate with Michael Turner rushing the football.

Russell Wilson gets to face the 24th best defense in the NFL. Last week the Seahawks fell behind by 14, and roared back to win. Everyone has looked at their road record over the season and it’s misleading. They now have won 3 straight on the road. Won 8 of their last 9 games with their signature win coming against the 49ers. A team that they only lost 13-6 to when they were learning how to play on the road in Candlestick. To know that’s their opponents in the NFC Championship team with a win??

The Chancellor of Football picks the Seattle Seahawks in this playoff game. This is supposed to be the fifth year and the time for the Falcon Super Bowl plan to take effect but they weren’t prepared for such a physical team with big corners ready to take on Roddy White and Julio Jones. However Browner and Sherman will be up to the task. We tried to alert you to this team in week 14: and then further back in week 3: This team has grown over the season and is at it’s zenith now. Seattle will win this game.

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One thought on “NFC Divisional Playoff: Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons

  1. Lynch is gonna get loose today!!! To the tune of 120+ yds. Should be a good game though. Atlanta will find some cracks in Wilson’s game today. Should be enough to squeeze by the ” seachickens”.


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