Percy Harvin Traded To The Seahawks

Percy Harvin is going to be a viable threat out of the backfield as well as in the slot.

Percy Harvin is going to be a viable threat out of the backfield as well as in the slot.

Percy Harvin is packing his bags for the Pacific Northwest. He is going to a legitimate Super Bowl contender at the expense of 2 1st round selections. One this year and another next year. Let’s face it he only had a salary of $915,000 last year and provides an explosive element to the Seahawks on offense as well as special teams.

If there is a weakness on the Seahawks, they didn’t have enough play makers around Russell Wilson. The only way to free up Sidney Rice is to get a complete receiver on the other side. Harvin isn’t that guy. He’s the guy that will attack from the slot formation when you split your attention between Marshawn Lynch, Sidney Rice, and the later to be named receiver they should get in the draft or free agency. Understand the dynamic that Harvin isn’t the end all be all.

He’s going to be that wildcard in their offense that you won’t be able to account for. Couple that with Russell Wilson’s running ability and Harvin just needs to stay alive on those plays. Everyone knows he is always one missed tackle from taking it the distance. If you read our Seahawks preview you’d know the relative ages of these players. This team is in for a Super Bowl run and they would still have another year before free agency can nick at this team. So giving up 2 first rounders for a team that is loaded at every position but receiver, this was a good trade. If they take the field for Super Bowl XLVIII, it will be looked upon as a great trade.


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