NFL Free Agency: Namedi Asomugha Signs With Niners

Namedi signs 1 year deal with the 49ers.

Namedi signs 1 year deal with the 49ers.

Well if the arms race between the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks couldn’t get any better, the Niners agree to terms with Namedi Asomugha. After the pass defense’s collapse at the end of last season it was inevitable San Francisco would look for some help. However we don’t know which player is going to show up. Will it be the supposed shut down corner when he was in Oakland or the free agent bust that looked lost in the Eagles secondary??

Time will tell as he agreed to a one year deal for $1.35 million. If he is a pre-season casualty he won’t count that high against the cap if released. The Niners are banking on him being motivated, in-shape and ready to prove he was better than he showed in Philadelphia. He is 31 years old and as a cornerback that is about where they hit the wall. There is the off chance they could move him to Free Safety to replace the departed Dashon Goldson. Stay tuned.

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