Chuck Foreman Should Be In The Hall Of Fame

Every time you see a fullback catch passes out of the backfield, it started with Bill Brown of the Minnesota Vikings then perfected with his successor CHUCK FOREMAN. The first running back in the league to lead the NFL in receptions with 73. Not bad when Hall of Fame receiver Lynn Swann had 50 in the same season. For all his breakaway runs, he was not a halfback in the I, he was a pro set fullback. If you don’t know what that means, sign up for Taylor Blitz Times and do some reading. Every time you see a running back spin to avoid a tackle in the NFL, it started with Chuck Foreman. From the [[_]]

Taylor Blitz Times

There are several definitions of a champion and fewer for what constitutes a Hall of Fame player. When asked a week or so ago what I thought a Hall of Fame player was I responded “If you were to talk about a decade or era in which a player participated and you couldn’t talk about that time frame without that person’s mention. If you can’t he’s a Hall of Famer.” Chuck Foreman was such a player.

Has there ever been a running back that was more emulated than this 1970s icon?? When you look back at Foreman’s numbers, they don’t jump out at you. However it was his immediate impact on the entire football landscape that made him important. Every NFL fan can remember his spin moves and patented lateral side step moves that left linebackers reaching for him instead of getting a full on shot. If you close your…

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