Kevin Greene Belongs In The Hall of Fame: War Damn Eagle

In case you didn’t read it the first time. One of my all time favorite players was Kevin Greene. If you watch the Green Bay Packers play, take a look at the sideline and check for linebackers. He coaches Clay Matthews III and the outside ‘backers. Did you know he’s the all time NFL sack leader for linebackers with 160?? The Chancellor of Football dared to ask if the reason he moved around was based upon race due to the position he played. Did I strike a nerve?? Let’s just say Kevin’s wife Tara tweeted the article and Kevin himself thanked me in the comments for the article. This is why I do what I do…. To Taylor Blitz detractors….have some!

Taylor Blitz Times

Originally Published 3, March 2011 w/ Postscript 10, August 2016 

There are players that come along and break the mold and there are those that totally destroy it.  Enter Kevin Greene, one of my personal favorite players and one of the reason I love football (all sports) in the first place.  He broke molds, stereotypes, changed perceptions as much as any player over the last 25 years.  What am I talking about? Do you realize that of all the outside linebackers, the player with the most sacks in a career is Kevin Greene?  Do you realize that Kevin Greene had double digit sacks for FOUR different pro football teams? Yet I digress…

As the 1980s beckoned, the 3-4 defense became the choice of many teams as the best way to attack NFL offenses.  All that changed with the 1985 Chicago Bears march to the Super Bowl. As teams started to…

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