The NFL Season Heats Up In November

Football is a game of attrition. This isn’t baseball…this isn’t basketball. Your team has to endure injuries and a changed line up 40% of the season. Missing a RB for 4 weeks or this linebacker for 4 over here, or the season ending variety. There have been seasons where you can watch an older player lose their prime down the stretch. Looked like a Hall of Famer in September and seeing spot duty in December.

Gillette square - Aaron FrutmanConsequently you’ll see a backup become a starter and do well when he gets his chance. The question is does your team have the look of a champion and play like one with a different roster than week 1?? Week 10 even?? Remember in 2004 when the 10-1 Philadelphia Eagles had to finish without Terrell Owens??? Didn’t the 1982 Washington Redskins win their first Super Bowl with their best receiver in Art Monk on the bench??

127888192_crop_650x440I remember being the first with Taylor Blitz coining the phrase “The Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl XLV with a second string football team.” and they had with 17 players on injured reserve. Then the regular media hopped on the bandwagon…yet I digress.

To win the Super Bowl you have to win the games in November to earn your spot in the race in January. A lot of time left and a lot of changes, injuries, and teams that need to come together. Now is when the real race starts heating up.


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