Cowboys Cut DeMarcus Ware

In a move we knew was going to happen, the Dallas Cowboys cut ties with DeMarcus Ware. His diminishing skills and injuries were mounting over the last two seasons. Of his 6 sacks, 4 came against the Kansas City Chiefs then the St Louis Rams in weeks 3 and 4. No way you can bring a guy back with a $16 million cap hit when he made only 2 sacks in the final 12 games. Cowboy fans can’t help but feel cheated.

One of the best pass rushers in the history of the Dallas Cowboys

One of the best pass rushers in the history of the Dallas Cowboys

Ware was everything Bill Parcells envisioned when he drafted him out of Troy. Why didn’t the Cowboys do everything to team him with another pass rusher?? No Cowboy fans, I’m not talking of Jason Hatcher or Anthony Spencer. I’m talking a bonafide blue chip player. Imagine Mario Williams, Julius Peppers or Jared Allen across from him with all that noise down in Dallas. Not only did he have 7 straight double digit sack seasons, he had one with 20 (2008) and 19.5 (2011).

Now we have to point to Jerry Jones again. He believed the hype that his team was stocked with blue chip talent. Think of all the tandems in NFL history: Dexter Manley and Charles Mann, Richard Dent & Dan Hampton, Tony Tolbert & Charles Haley, Cornelius Bennett & Bruce Smith, Kevin Greene & Greg Lloyd, then Neil Smith & the late Derrick Thomas, or Clyde Simmons & the late Reggie White. Not once did the Cowboys make a move that could have masked several defensive deficiencies. Or wreaked havoc on opposing offenses and rank near the top in sacks.

The Dallas Cowboys did DeMarcus Ware two disservices. They should have teamed him with another pass rusher to better his chances of taking the Cowboys to the Super Bowl. Then they should have traded him to a team with a chance to win it all sometime in 2012 as well. Both parties would have benefited from such a move. Several Jerry Jones blunders later, Ware has to sell his wares around the NFL. What does he have left in the tank?? As a designated pass rusher he will have some serious suitors. What would happen if he took a small contract for a chance to win it all with Seattle, New England, or go to Denver to play across from a rejuvenated Von Miller?? Ware’s career isn’t over, his tenure in Dallas is left unfulfilled.

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