The Chancellor’s Take on Deflategate

nfl-iphone-wallpaper-2Well here we go again as the New England Patriots are locked in the latest scandal involving deflated footballs. I’ll be brief… A new football is like a new baseball glove. You work it in and squeeze it rub it and get the sheen off of it so you can get a better grip. This is common place in the NFL of not only quarterbacks but kickers.

Remember the introduction of the “K” ball??  The NFL believed that the higher percentage of field goals made was directly related to kicking “worked in” footballs. So the decision came down to have a series of balls marked with a “K” that were hands off to teams. The other balls they were able to throw, squeeze, and work in the 12 they want to use for game play. Every team does it…every quarterback does it.

The late Weeb Ewbank, who coached the Jets to victory in Super Bowl III, once said at a coaches clinic  “All I want is my fair advantage!” Which means everyone is pushing the envelope of what they can get away with or at least moving ever so close to the line.

However it has set in that the rest of the NFL is tired of the New England Patriots. Not one active quarterback came to Tom Brady’s defense as “Deflate-gate” was first investigated. They’re all squeezing and working in balls all the time. Where they have overstepped their bounds is having the equipment guy taking the air out of the football. That is what will get the Patriots and Roger Goodell in trouble.

The Patriots are in trouble because of their history with “Spy-Gate” and the $250,000 fine levied against them. This makes them a repeat offender. In a year where the Cleveland Browns and Atlanta Falcons were penalized for pumping in crowd noise, expect a heavy fine. Richard Sherman pointed a light at Roger Goodell’s chummy relationship with Patriots owner Robert Kraft during Super Bowl week. That spotlight is about to intensify…

Richard Sherman's comment about the relationship between Roger Goodell and Robert Kraft are coming back to haunt.

Richard Sherman’s comment about the relationship between Roger Goodell and Robert Kraft are coming back to haunt.

Did you notice the decision came down 1 week after the draft?? Now the Patriots can’t be penalized draft picks for this season. That will cause a groundswell of anger amid owners over this next week. Looks like a “scratch my back” move by Goodell and it can come to cost him. When it comes to competitive balance you have to be decisive and the punishment severe. The man that will have to be suspended when the axe falls is Tom Brady.

Brady wasn’t forthright in dealing with the investigation and lied about his involvement. Of course he knew what was being done because its the quarterback who selects what 12 balls a team is going to use on gameday. As Goodell has been harsh with his suspensions of players over domestic abuse and non-competitive violations, he has to be harsh here. Brady has to be suspended between 4-6 games or Goodell will come off favoring Kraft again.

The other owners shouldn’t stand for a suspension less than that and there will be grumblings from players if the punishment isn’t severe either. Black players will come forward stating Goodell won’t harshly punish a prominent white player. Teams that face the Patriots in the first 4-6 weeks will rally on the side of suspending Brady for those reasons. More importantly, Goodell is going to have to face the Richard Sherman allegation of favoring the New England Patriots owner.

During Super Bowl week, Robert Kraft vehemently demanded an apology for Bill Belichick and Tom Brady if they were cleared of wrong doing. Now that they haven’t all eyes are on Goodell in New York.

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5 thoughts on “The Chancellor’s Take on Deflategate

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  2. Suspended? For someone else letting air out of the football? For all we know, those guys knew Brady liked them at 12.5psi, and they were trying to kiss up and help him. One thing for sure, if Brady gets suspended for something he did not admit to, what are they going to do with Aaron Rogers, who admitted that he has the balls filled over the 13.5 amount? Suspend Brady? Ya gotta cut off Rogers hand since he admitted to it.

    This whole air thing is BULLSHIT. I cannot believe anyone who knows anything about football would think that this is a big deal. EVERY team looks for the advangage and every team breaks rules. This worse than Atlanta pumping up the volume? No freakin way. Brady didnt even gain anything from the deflated balls. He played much better in the second half! If this was some scrub team or scrub QB, this wouldnt be an issue.
    Also, the NFL record book says this is a $25,000 fine. Clearly they dont think its a big issue….until the bleedin heard lib-o-tard media told them it was.

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  3. “In claiming the quarterback Tom Brady’s knowledge of footballs being deflated was “More probable than not.”, Wells took the road most traveled by social workers and family court lawyers in deciding who owes what to whom, effectively dodging any requirement for burden of proof.

    After all, this is the NFL, not family court, not civil court and certainly not criminal court. Had Wells come before a judge in any other type of case than a standard child support hearing with something as weak as “More probable than not.”, the case would be thrown out and Wells censured and his reputation smeared.

    Ah, but this isn’t a court of any consequence. This is the NFL, an entity that in actuality acts amazingly like the judicial system in the United States, one that goes from doing nothing about a certain issue until public opinion tells them that they should care, then proceeds to break out pitchforks and oil lamps and hunts down every offender that they can get their hands on…”

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