2015 Lessons Through Week 4: Buffalo Bills

With only one of its teams taking the field on this continent in week 4, the Buffalo Bills had the perfect opportunity to continue their  defensive success. After a big 41-14 win over Miami, they welcomed the Giants with the league’s 21st ranked offense. Eli Manning and the Giants hadn’t sustained offensive continuity the first 3 weeks. However with 17 penalties committed, the Bills played undisciplined allowing the Giants to sustain drives in a 24-10 loss.

bills v giantsIn the NFL there are games where a team can just come out flat. The Bills and QB Tyrod Taylor fell prey to that yesterday. This is a young team that needs to learn to bring it all four quarters no matter the competition. Also what has happened to the defense?? Last year the Bills were the NFL’s 4th best unit yet currently ranked 22nd and giving up 23 points per game. Sure the figures are distorted thanks to the 40 points and 507 yards the Patriots put up in week 2. Yet what did the Giants score in Sunday’s tilt? Twenty four points so the Bills have to shore up their defense and CB Leodis McKelvin will be available in 3 weeks to help.

The upside is the Bills have yet to hit their stride offensively. LeSean McCoy hasn’t been healthy enough to play a full game at any point in this season. He missed Sunday’s game along with WR Sammy Watkins. Once established they can sneak Percy Harvin in the mix better where now defenses know to key on him when he’s in the game.

Bills v Giants

One issue of concern is the propensity of Tyrod Taylor to scramble back and then brake containment rather than climb the pocket. That added 10 yards increases the recovery time of the defense to react to his throws and minimizes his running effectiveness. When the rush is coming and he steps up in the pocket, he’s able to dash for a quick 5 to 7 yard gain if the play breaks down. He did so Sunday on a 32 yard TD scramble that was called back but that is where he can add to the structure of the offense. Buffalo just has some growing up to do.

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