If Super Bowl XLVII has anywhere near this many big plays, it would be called the best ever. it’s a shame this game doesn’t get it’s due respect for a place in history.

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Welcome to another episode of theater of the past. The most famous games in NFL history have always been playoff games. Football is a game of emotion and it’s the finality of knowing your season could be over that can elevate the play of both teams. Yet some playoff games are talked about and held with esteem while others are rarely written about, rehashed, re-shown, or ever discussed among the greats.

To us, there is a heavy bias toward the glamour franchises or darlings that the media aid in anointing their games great while others are passed over. One such game was the 1989 AFC Divisional playoff tilt between the Cleveland Browns and the Buffalo Bills. Not only was it great, it was as great as “The Epic in Miami”, or in our CEO’s estimation better.

This was a magnificent football game. You have to realize that particular weekend you…

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While we get ready for Super Bowl XLVII, what were the greatest Super Bowls ever. The Chancellor has his favorites here with a quick description of each game.

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When it comes to Super Bowl games, is it a curse or a blessing to have the last game of the season be great?  Funny how those games tend to give me the worst levels of anxiety from football withdrawal once they’re over.  This list is about the games that were the most exciting that left you wanting more football.  One where the outcome was in doubt

  1. Super Bowl XXXVIII- Patriots 32 Panthers 29:  Best ever played! We had a 0-0 defensive slugfest going when Tom Brady and Jake Delhomme gave us a preview of the 4th quarter each throwing TD passes for a 14-10 halftime score.  Then the defenses were getting ripped apart as each team scored  three times in the highest scoring quarter in Super Bowl history with 37 points.  Five TDs in the 4th quarter?? This was epic! In Carolina’s case it was 3 TDs which included…

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This may be the last time we have to talk about Cris Carter not being a Hall of Famer. He is a finalist this year with a great chance to get in. The only amendment, I added some video to the article.

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Has there been a better set of hands in the history of Pro Football?? How many ridiculous one handed catches did Cris Carter make during his great career with the Philadelphia Eagles and mainly with the Minnesota Vikings?? At first glance, the numbers stand out with 1,101 receptions for 13,899 yards and 130 touchdowns. Good for 2nd most in NFL history for receptions and receiving touchdowns at the time of his retirement. One of the greatest attributes is that he honed his skill amidst a myriad of pedestrian NFL quarterbacks.

Amazingly he came within inches of washing out after a few seasons in Philadelphia. After leaving THE Ohio State University, he was drafted by Buddy Ryan and the Eagles in 1987. In his three years there he played well but was undisciplined off the field. He was a young player who enjoyed the perks of stardom and indulged off the…

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Well we only have a few days left to see who will punch their ticket to New Orleans and Super Bowl XLVII. San Francisco comes in riding the emotional high of having vanquished the Green Bay Packers, behind Colin Kaepernick’s record-setting performance. Where the Falcons are starting to understand who they are in winning their first playoff game under the current coaching regime. This is the most intriguing match-up of the conference finals weekend.

In the divisional round we learned what Atlanta has grown accustomed to do, will carry over into the playoffs. Including last week, they had gone 8-2 in games decided by 7 points or less. That lass loss was a meaningless game to conclude the regular season. If you go back to the 4th game of the season, it matched what took place in last week’s game with Seattle. They were behind 28-27 with less than 1:00…

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One of the best playoff games ever. Seattle showed their mettle coming from 20 points down on the road and with :31 left in the game held a 28-27 lead. Then Matt “Matty-Ice” Ryan showed his maturity driving the Falcons to the winning field goal. This was the culmination of the Falcons building plan and maturation of both Coach Smith and his quarterback. We wrote back in August that it was time for Atlanta to ascend to a Super Bowl by winning their first playoff game under the new regime. Now they have that first win under their belt, they will be relaxed going into the NFC Championship.

What if a team IN A PLAYOFF GAME ON THE ROAD, had to face another where one receiver had 1,313 yards 11TDs on the season, and the other had gone for 1,150 and 10 scores?? How would they fare?? If they held them COMBINED to just one catch, how great a performance would that be?? They did it to Mark Duper and Mark Clayton in Miami.

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We have always believed that some of the greatest NFL stories have been left on the cutting room floor when it comes to players that didn’t play for the glamour teams. Such is the case for the best cornerback tandem in modern NFL history. During this offseason of condensed free agency, when it appeared Namedi Asoumgha might wind up with Darelle Revis to form the best conrerback tandem in decades. We had thoughts and images of Frank Minnifield and Hanford Dixon dancing in our heads.  They were the best tandem in league history and yes better than Lester Hayes and Mike Haynes of the Los Angeles Raiders. Dixon and Minnifield starred and went to Pro Bowls together for 3 seasons. The most in NFL history.

The Hayes / Haynes connection really was half a season, or at least it’s zenith. Alright they did have a good 1985 but what happened…

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