xxviiiJimmy Johnson’s last ring with Dallas after the 1993 season besting MY Buffalo Bills 30-13 in Super Bowl XXVIII, but don’t forget, he and that coaching staff was from  the [[_]]. The Cowboys were on the brink of becoming one of the NFL’s greatest dynasties.

Had Jimmy and Jerry Jones been able to suppress egos this team was primed to win 5 or 6 Super Bowls in the 1990’s. Michael Irvin had just finished his 6th year, Emmitt his 4th, & Troy Aikman his 5th. A slew of defensive starters had come onto the ball club from 1991 on including Russell Maryland, Dixon Edwards, Darren Woodson, Kevin Smith, and Larry Brown. They had just added a rookie star in LB Darrin Smith off the Miami Hurricanes (the [[_]]).

Did you know Hall of Famer Charles Haley didn’t make the Pro Bowl in 1993?? However 10 of his teammates did including 3 members from The Great Wall in Nate Newton, Mark Stepnoski, and Erik Williams. This team was stacked… yet Jimmy and Jerry left us wondering “what if?” which rages on to this day.

**Taken from another Taylor Blitz article comparing the Cowboys and the Patriots who each won 3 titles in 4 years**

xxviii3The Patriots remind me of what I think of the early 70’s Dolphins.  They’re not perceived as stronger, or faster..etc  They were always a step smarter when they needed to be and more physical than you expected. Just ask the Steelers who they beat twice in AFC Championships IN PITTSBURGH in both 2001 & 2004.  They kept Peyton Manning hogtied for years when he faced them. In winning their 3rd in 4 years the question came up “Who was better between the 90s Cowboys or the 00’s Patriots?”  Hmmmm at first glance…its no question the Cowboys were….but lets think about this a second…each team suppressed future super bowl winners…

*Cowboys held back the Packers and 49ers who went on to win 29 and 31 respectively

*Patriots held back the Steelers and the Colts who went on to win 40 and 41 respectively

Dallas defense was built on speed and the best way to attack it is to run right at them.  Corey Dillon was that type of back. The Cowboys strength was running right at their opponent with that offensive line and Emmitt Smith. Well the Patriots had some beef up front with Vince Wilfork (The U) Richard Seymour and Ty Warren.  Ty Law covering Michael Irvin(the U). Troy Aikman vs Tom Brady…Darren Woodson and Rodney Harrison hard hitting safetys for both teams…damn they’re more alike than originally thought!!

xxviii2I’ll have to go with the Cowboys in a close game 30-20.  Charles Haley and Tony Tolbert would have several sacks. Haley had sacks in 4 of the 5 Super Bowls he won…so he would get to Brady. Emmitt and Corey would each rush for 100 yards. Alvin Harper takes Tyrone Poole or Assante Samuel deep a couple times and “Moose” Johnston and Novacek would beat on Patriot linebackers for key first downs.  Deion Branch would do work on Kevin Smith and Larry Brown but other receivers would be swallowed by Darrin Smith (the U) and those fast linebackers. This is before i bring up FS Thomas Everett for any errant throws over the middle.

**No Deion Sanders—using the 93 Cowboys as a model because the 1993 Cowboys would kick the 95 Cowboys ass! Jimmy Johnson would be the coach not Barry Switzer**

So upon further review the 93 Cowboys would win…

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First Quarter Report Card: Dallas Cowboys

With today’s 20-17 win over the Houston Texans, the Dallas Cowboys stretched their record to 4-1. Detractors are waiting for the shoe to drop on this team. However the front runner for Taylor Blitz Times Coach of the Year is Scott Linehan who has kept Dallas a run oriented offense. So much so DeMarco Murray just became the first RB since OJ Simpson in 1975 to begin his season with 5 straight 100 yard games.

Murray and Bryant have weathered the storm of 8-8 seasons.

Murray and Bryant have weathered the storm of 8-8 seasons.

Yes you read that correctly, it’s the first time in 39 years a back has begun the season with 5 straight 100 yard games. Here we have been critical of Murray from going down at first contact. He has run with purpose and fury in this his contract year and redefining his career. Never in his career has he been able to string together more than 7 straight starts.

Now they have to travel to Seattle to take on the defending Super Bowl champions. This line with 3 – 1st round draft picks & has matured into road graters. Murray is running with purpose and fury. A contract year will do that for a runner. To The Chancellor he’s always been a displaced 3rd down back. He’s breaking 2 to 3 tackles and falls forward after contact.

Rolando McClain has made plays along with fellow LB Bruce Carter.

Rolando McClain has made plays along with fellow LB Bruce Carter.

Right now he’s on a torrid pace with 670 yards rushing. On pace for 2,144 yards this season, which will be hard to maintain. Yet make no mistake about it, the Cowboys are 4-1 and teams that start with that record make the playoffs 75% of the time.

With the offensive line controlling the line of scrimmage, this is no fluke. This is The Great Wall II and they are built for a 5-7 year run of dominance barring injury. If they could play game 1 again against the 49ers this team would be 5-0. When you can physically dominate your opponent on the line of scrimmage, it sets the tone for your football team. Now your defense is rested and playing less. Remember that worst defense in NFL history?? Well now they’re just 21st in defense. Keep in mind fresh defenders can make game changing plays.

Take it from The Chancellor of Football this is a recipe for championship football. Don’t listen to these idiots on ESPN who keep trying to feed the masses “it’s a passing league.”

With a run first offense, Romo isn't forced to make every throw which lead to some of his interceptions.

With a run first offense, Romo isn’t forced to make every throw which lead to some of his interceptions.

If so, then why did Seattle destroy Denver in last year’s Super Bowl?? Why has Drew Brees and the pass happy Saints watched the ground and pound 49ers play in 3 straight NFC Championships?? Why did it take the Cowboys, averaging 37 pass plays to 21 runs until week 7 to pick up their 4th win last year??

Before yesterday, Dallas was averaging 32.5 rushes to 29.5 passes per game. Murray ran for 136 yards on 31 carries as the Cowboys won their 4th game in a row to start this 2014 season. If you asked the Cowboys they would love to replay game 1 with the 49ers again. Somewhere down in Texas, they must be in the meeting room showing this offensive line the Football Life for The Great Wall of Dallas. Just as the team’s history had a second version of The Doomsday Defense, keep your eye on this offensive line.

This team is going to make the playoffs.

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