Merger Talk: AFL/NFL & Super Bowl I


1966 AFL Ring for Kansas City

2 thoughts on “Merger Talk: AFL/NFL & Super Bowl I

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  2. Was there, and that is a pretty accurate description….the competition between the leagues was very real…the major press were all in the NFL’s corner and denigrated our teams throughout the 60’s…however, when all was said and done after 10 years and 4 Super Bowls, the score was AFL 2 NFL 2…..(Chiefs 1-1), and the football world knew we could play with or against anybody….was a great time in pro football and a joy to have played in the AFL, from the beginning and through the emergence of the league….John Facenda, the Sabol’s, Pete rozelle, Sports Illustrated, and the NFL propaganda machine notwithstanding. Will never forget our 66-24 pasting of the Chicago Bears (George Halas) in 1967, our 8th year in existence….a shock Chicago had never had before and probably won’t again. Chris Burford Texans/Chiefs 60-67. Great memories!

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