NFL Week 2: Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers

Can a week 2 game be a must win situation?? It is if you are the 2012 Green Bay Packers. A loss tonight would not only drop the Packers to an 0-2 start, it would mark back to back home losses. As a matter of fact, it would be 3 straight losses in Lambeau dating back to last year’s playoff loss to the Giants. They would also be 2 1/2 games behind their division rival Chicago Bears, and two NFC losses would be negative for wildcard ramifications. So I ask again… Can a week 2 matchup be a must win game?? Absolutely!!

However the Chicago Bears are coming in flying high after a week 1 41-21 trouncing of the Colts. The Bears looked great as Jay Cutler,Brandon Marshall, and Matt Forte showed a glimpse of an offense that looks to come of age this season.

So far so good and why would the Bears  be motivated?? Well ever since the 2010 NFC Championship loss to the Packers, Cutler’s toughness has been in question while Aaron Rodgers has been anointed a great quarterback. Now they can hit the


Packers with a haymaker.

The last time the Packers secondary faced a big, strong receiver was week 17 last year. Remember that 44-41 shootout with Detroit? Well Calvin “Megatron” Johnson caught 11 passes for a team record 244 yards and here comes Brandon Marshall.

Last week, we found the Packers dominated on both sides of the line. They may have been exposed as soft on defense. No Desmond Bishop who is on IR and the Niners last week were torching CB Bush #24. He replaced Charles Woodson who has been moved to safety.

Now add to that WR Greg Jennings may not play… Hmmm?? Now this is when a team wins with it’s back against the wall. The Chancellor doesn’t see it. Had Matt Ryan not rallied them last year in that finale (touchdown with :20 left) they would have already lost 3 straight. After tonight…. It will be

Bears 30-24

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