NFL Wild Card Week : Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers

In 2 games against the Packers this season, Peterson has run for 411 yards!!

In 2 games against the Packers this season, Peterson has run for 411 yards!!

If you listen very carefully, off in the distance, you can still hear Vince Lombardi yelling “What the hell is going on out here!??!” He must have been yelling this down from Heaven last week as Adrian Peterson scorched the Packers defense for 199 yards on 34 carries.  Now the Packers have to go outside and tackle Peterson and workhorse Toby Gerhart on the frozen tundra?? If their hearts weren’t into it in a 72 degree Metrodome and Charles Woodson is returning from a broken collarbone…hmmmmm???

Therein lies the strategy for the Vikings. They have to take the football away from Aaron Rodgers and control the clock with time consuming drives. Our CEO remembers a Phil Simms interview once where he described the urgency that an opposing offense feels when the other team has possessed the ball for a long time. He explained how it can force an offense to press and make mistakes. They need to lighten the load for Christian Ponder playing in his first playoff game.

Oops, this just in…

Christian Ponder will not play in today’s game because of an injury to his arm. They will now go with Joe Webb at quarterback who hasn’t thrown a pass all year.

The Vikings had a chance with the upset but now the Packers will win… Too much for a career back-up to stay with Aaron Rodgers. That doesn’t happen… Packers win this one as long as they can score 24. The Vikings only chance is rope them into a defensive struggle and run the ball 40-50 times at Green Bay’s defense. He may not be Obi Wan Kenobi, but Adrian Peterson is their only hope.


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