Taylor Blitz Times Defensive Player of The Year – Navorro Bowman

In the thick of the 49er defense you have to appreciate Bowman's play.

In the thick of the 49er defense you have to appreciate Bowman’s play.

When it comes to the heart of the Taylor Blitz Times, we’re all about defense. Nothing is better than the thrill of the hunt and the thump of the pads. We love offense but our soul will always be defense. Last year the Cleveland Brown’s D’Quell Jackson was our first recipient and was the heart of an unsung defense that kept the team in games until the bitter end. This year’s recipient has been one of the best players over a two year period.

Navorro Bowman is the 2012 Taylor Blitz Times Defensive Player of the Year!

NFL Tat on Bowman

NFL Tat on Bowman

This is a player that is never out of position. Sure the media and pundits flock to Patrick Willis but there were times where they mistook Willis tackle for one Bowman made. With the numbers 52 & 53 so close you have to double take but understand this fact Bowman has led the 49ers in tackles each of the last two seasons. In 2011 he was an All Pro with a 150 tackle, 2 sack performance with 8 passes defensed. Somehow he didn’t make the Pro Bowl.

In 2012, he repeated that type of performance with 144 tackles, 2 sacks, 6 passes defensed, and 1 interception with a fumble forced. He was everywhere and here we are with the 49ers in the Super Bowl. Who was it that knocked down the pass for Atlanta Falcon receiver Roddy White on 4th down?? Bowman didn’t panic and with his off-hand knocked down the pass and didn’t panic and interfere at the 5 yard line.


Bowman makes plays everywhere.

He’s the best linebacker in the game right now and his motor doesn’t go off. The difference in our picking him over JJ Watt was in games of importance how well did you play? Could you make plays when your team desperately needed you to?? Watt tended to disappear in games where Bowman never did.

Take the 42-13 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. The 49ers were out of that game early 28-6 at the half, and he was after it like the game was tied. Of his 15 tackles, 14 came against the run and he was the leading tackler documenting stops on 7 quadrants across the field. Whether it was a run to the middle, around right or left end, he was there to put to put some thump on Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson at the end of the run. Fellow All Pro Willis only had 6.  He led the team when the ball was run over LT, LG, C, RG, RT, and led in tackles around the left end and the right end. He was everywhere that night.

He’s been everywhere in these last two years and in 2012, the Taylor Blitz Times Defensive Player of the Year.

Honorable mention:

Another player that was everywhere was Daryl Washington.

Another player that was everywhere was Daryl Washington.

Daryl Washington ILB – Arizona Cardinals: This guy played strong all season and didn’t get the recognition because of the Cardinals poor record. He was the most active player next to Bowman all season. Most of the times you have a player that has high sack numbers and poor tackle numbers. He had 134 tackles, 9.5 sacks and an interception while forcing 2 fumbles. He was the reason they started 4-0. He made splash plays all over the field. Arizona was a top 10 defense most of the year and finished 12th overall.  Watch for him next year. A wrecking ball of a player and our #2 choice.

Watt is a player!

Watt is a player!

JJ Watt DE –  Houston Texans: This year was the best DE in the NFL without question. He led his team in tackles (81) and led the league in sacks with 20.5. His 16 passes defensed helped a defense that had many injuries this season. However in big games against the Patriots in both the regular season and playoff loss, we couldn’t find him. One of those team leading 4 forced fumbles needed to come during that slide where the team lost 3 of 4 trying to secure home field throughout.  He has to be able to break through when teams gameplan against him. He had an exceptional year and is the third player in our count.

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Taylor Blitz Times new logo!!

Taylor Blitz Times new logo!!

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