2013 NFC North Predictions

Welcome to the kickoff of the 2013 NFL season where we begin our prognostications for teams vying to get to Super Bowl XLVIII. Who will make it to New Jersey?? Well that comes in a couple articles but for now there are division races to settle first. We begin with the old black and blue division…

minnesota_vikings_wallpaper_5-normal2013 NFC North Predictions

Minnesota Vikings 11-5 *

Chicago Bears 10-6 #

Green Bay Packers 9-7

Detroit Lions 5-11

Now of course there are Christian Ponder detractors going into the season yet no one remembers how he improved as last season progressed. There isn’t a quarterback in the NFL who can lean on a Hall of Fame rusher as he can with Adrian Peterson. This season watch for the Vikings to learn the full range of what their front office put together on offense and defense. Jared Allen is in a contract year and Peterson will become the first runner in NFL history to have two 2,000 yard seasons.

The Chicago Bears are a year away from fully coming into their own as they transition into an offensive team. There will be some growing pains as Jay Cutler learns to spread the ball around to Jeffery and his other receivers more. The defense will be fine in Chicago as they still boast the best set of cornerbacks in the NFL in Jennings and Peanut Tillman.

Up in Green Bay there will be more pressure on Rodgers to keep outscoring the opposition. However his receiving corps is in a youth movement and neither the offensive or defensive lines look like they will hold up the entire season. Watch for the Packers to slip from playoff contention for the first time in several years as they struggle to incorporate the run in their pass happy offense.

The Chancellor hates to say it but expect more of the same from the Detroit Lions. Reggie Bush will provide some sizzle on plays out in space but they will telegraph what they will run with whoever is in the backfield.

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8 thoughts on “2013 NFC North Predictions

  1. I have to go along with the others Jef. Just take a look at the Vikings schedule. That alone will tell you all you need to know. Look at who they have to play on the road to start the season. Then they’re off to London to take on the Steelers followed by 12 consecutive games to end the season. It’s the schedule from hell!

    I think the Packers win more as do the Lions should Bush really make an impact.. Just can’t see the Vikes as the best of this bunch…


  2. I am a die-hard Viking fan and I can’t even see them going 11-5. I do agree that Ponder played great down the stretch. His play was a big reason why we made the playoffs. I agree with Mike’s call that the Vikes and Packers’ win totals will be reversed….damn I hated admitting that.


  3. All looks good, except the records for the Vikings and the Packers are reversed. I am not convinced that the Vikings will even make the playoffs this year. I think the Pack will win this division.


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