Legends Of The Fall: Bart Starr

Why is it when great quarterbacks of the past comes up, few name Bart Starr?? Of course when talk of the 1960’s Green Bay Packers comes up, first we think of Vince Lombardi. Then we think of their signature play in the power sweep and their ferocious defense. Yet the glue that not only held everything together but made big play after big play in championship competition was quarterback Bart Starr.


The MVP of Super Bowl I and II and we never hear him among the NFL’s greatest quarterbacks is insane. The Packers were more than running to daylight as this video attests.

Bart Starr was the only quarterback to take his team to 5 NFL championships. He was one of the best ever.

3 thoughts on “Legends Of The Fall: Bart Starr

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  2. Because the new media doesn’t have respect for anything that happened in the world of sports the 80’s. Its as if they never played. Because the game has changed shouldn’t mean anything. It shouldn’t be all about stats.

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  3. Because he’s pigeonholed with the dread term “game manager” and doesn’t have piles and piles of stats. He does, however, have those five championships, so … he’s in our Top 10/Top 20 for sure.

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